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Kaspersky Security for Mobile

The increasing volume and variety of mobile security threats – including malware, phishing attacks, malicious websites and the risk of data loss – present serious challenges for all businesses. Mobile devices – and the apps & data they store – have to be protected. However, specialist protection technologies are necessary to meet the unique security demands of mobile devices and their users.

With a combination of world-leading security technologies – and support for Android, iOS and Windows Phone – Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps you to secure and manage all of your corporate-owned and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobiles.

  • World-class mobile security

    Having been the first security vendor to identify mobile malware, we’ve continued to introduce mobile security innovations and build an enviable track record in protecting mobile endpoints against the very latest threats.

    • Delivering multi-layered protection

      By combining signature-based, heuristic and cloud-assisted protection technologies, we defend mobile devices – and the corporate apps they run – from known and unknown mobile threats.

      • Scan mobile devices on demand or to your schedule
      • Distribute mobile security agent updates Over the Air (OTA)
    • Blocking phishing campaigns and spam

      As well as protecting users from fraudulent phishing websites – that can steal information and identity details – we provide effective anti-spam protection that helps you to filter out unwanted calls and texts.

    • Controlling Internet usage

      Our Web Control tools can be easily configured to help you:

      • Block malicious websites
      • Block access to specific categories of site – including social media, gambling or adult websites
    • Detecting rooting / jailbreaking

      Rooting or jailbreaking incidents are automatically detected and reported to the IT administrator. The devices are prevented from accessing corporate data and apps. The administrator can also use the Selective Wipe feature to delete all corporate apps and data on the devices.

    • Protecting data on missing mobiles

      Remotely operated anti-theft features let you lock the missing device, selectively wipe apps & data from the device and display the device’s location on a map. You can also sound an alarm on the device and capture photographs of unauthorized users. Support for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) helps to ensure Android phones can receive all anti-theft commands rapidly.

      Even if an unauthorized user changes the SIM card in the device, our SIM Watch technology will send you the device’s new number – so you can continue to have remote access to all anti-theft features. To help reduce the load on administrators, our Self-Service Portal gives users direct access to the lock, wipe and locate features – so users can rapidly respond to the loss of their device.

    Mobile Application Management (MAM)

    Containerization and control tools add extra layers of protection for your corporate apps and data.

    • Separating corporate and personal apps & data

      Our ‘app wrapping’ containerization technology stores your corporate apps and data inside special containers on each user’s mobile device.

    • Protecting containerized apps & data

      Additional protection can be applied to all containers:

      • Data encryption can be enforced for all data inside the containers
      • Users can be prevented from copying containerized data and pasting it outside the container
      • After a period of inactivity, containerized apps can force users to log in again
    • Preventing ex-employees accessing apps & data

      When an employee leaves – and takes their BYOD mobile with them – the remotely operated wipe feature makes it easy for you to delete all containerized apps & data – without deleting any of the device owner’s personal data or settings.

    • Controlling apps

      Application Control tools give you control over which apps are allowed to run. You can create:

      • Whitelists of safe apps
      • Blacklists of apps that you wish to block
      • It's easy to implement a policy that only allows the launch of whitelisted applications – or a policy that only blocks blacklisted apps.
    • Safe Browser

      By protecting users when they’re using any of our supported platforms online, Safe Browser complements our MAM functionality. Users are prevented from accessing malicious websites and fraudulent phishing websites.

    Flexible MDM

    Extensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities – and support for popular platforms – helps to reduce complexity in managing mobile security.

    • Supporting MDM across different platforms

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile gives you a single interface for applying MDM policies to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and iOS MDM devices – so you can easily:

      • Enforce PIN settings
      • Enforce the use of complex passwords
      • Encrypt data on the device
      • Prevent the use of the device’s camera
      • Receive detailed information about each device and the apps installed on them
      • Manage a range of other mobile device features
      • For Samsung devices, our support for Samsung KNOX 1.0 and 2.0 lets you manage:

      Firewall settings

      • APN
      • VPN
      • Exchange Server settings
    • Provisioning security Over the Air (OTA)

      You can customize your mobile security and then use OTA provisioning to deliver it to each device. Simply send a QR code or a link for each mobile device – via an email or an SMS message.

    Centralized management

    All of our endpoint security technologies – including security for workstations, file servers, mobile devices and more – are developed by our own in-house team, and are part of a single code base. This level of integration enables us to boost stability and manageability.

    • Giving you ‘single pane of glass’ control

      We provide a unified management console – Kaspersky Security Center – so you can monitor and control all of our endpoint security technologies, from a central point. Kaspersky Security Center makes it easier to manage security for your laptops, desktops, servers, virtual machines and more – and gives you centralized control of our systems management tools.

    • Helping users to help themselves

      A Self-Service Portal makes it easy for users to perform basic administration tasks – without constantly having to request help from IT administrators. The portal helps users to connect a new device – while it also ensures the necessary certificates are installed on the device.

    • Dividing responsibilities between administrators

      Role-Based Access Control* lets you assign different security and management responsibilities to different members of the IT administration team. The Kaspersky Security Center console can easily be customized so that each administrator only has access to the tools and information that are relevant to their assigned responsibilities.

      *Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is only included in Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Advanced and Kaspersky Total Security for Business.

    • Enabling remote management

      Kaspersky Security Center also includes our Web Console, which lets you manage all of our endpoint security technologies – from anywhere you can get online.

  • Kaspersky Security for Mobile gives you centralized visibility and control – so you can see, secure and manage every mobile device that accesses your network and your corporate data.

    • Delivering multi-layered protection

      A combination of innovative security technologies delivers protection against malware, phishing attacks, spam and more. As well as controlling which apps are allowed to run on each device, you can apply different security policies for different groups or for individual users.

    • Rolling out effective security policies

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile makes it easy to enforce the use of strong passwords and block dangerous apps. In addition, for BYOD mobiles you can ensure all corporate apps & data are totally separated from the user’s personal apps & data. You can also apply data encryption – and other security measures – to all corporate apps & data.

    • Protecting against the loss of corporate data

      If a device is lost or stolen, our anti-theft technologies help you to protect the corporate apps and data that are stored on the missing device. Anti-theft features can be operated remotely – by the administrator or the user – to block the device, wipe apps & data from the device and find the device’s location.

    • Reducing IT management complexity

      A single management console helps you to configure and control security for both your mobile devices and all other endpoints that are running Kaspersky Lab security technologies.

    • Supported operating systems:

      • Android 2.3 – 5.0
      • iOS 7.0 – 8.1
      • Windows Phone 8.0 – 8.1

      The remote administration system must meet the following minimum requirements:

      • Kaspersky Security Center 10 SP1 or later
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