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Everlasting protection for your AWS workloads

AWS is the leading public cloud provider, offering the most advanced cloud environment on the market, incorporating outstanding reliability and scalability, and providing a range of cloud-native security tools for building borderless enterprise-level environments.

However, the shared security responsibility model dictates the need for additional security capabilities, enabling an elastic cybersecurity layer that covers your entire cloud environment and protects the data you hold on AWS workloads.

Our philosophy has been to create a perfectly balanced blend of best-of-breed protection, resource-efficient cybersecurity and enterprise-level orchestration capabilities for your AWS environment. Thanks partly to integration via AWS API, we do this better than anyone else.

  • Automated and Secure

    We let your cloud and its security layer communicate and interoperate. Integration via AWS API means you can see into every corner, understand how your cloud is organized and provision your security capabilities edge to edge, protecting all your cloud workloads.

  • Intelligent and Elastic

    Next generation cybersecurity means people and machines working together to build an elastic adaptive cloud security environment. This is what we offer, enabling you and your integrated cloud-based security to detect and respond to most advanced cyberthreats.

  • Transparent and Unified

    AWS API integration allows for the unified management of all your IT assets, on-premise and in the cloud, through a single console, providing full visibility and transparency and enabling smooth and efficient orchestration and administration.

Suitable For

Cloud adoption is changing the face of corporate IT. At Kaspersky Lab, we help ensure appropriate levels of cybersecurity, no matter how complex your hybrid cloud environment.

In Use

  • Unstoppable Security for AWS EC2

    Cloud adoption has never been so seamless and yet secure. With Kaspersky Lab’s security for AWS, integration with AWS API allows for easier cloud infrastructure inventory and automated security provisioning on all your AWS EC2 instances.

  • Gives Even More Protection

    We complement AWS’s own cloud-native tools with proactive cybersecurity, exploit prevention, integrity monitoring, log inspection, apps controls, and even AI-assisted runtime protection and anti-ransomware capabilities. One product to fight every form of cyberthreat.

  • Security ‘For’ and ‘From’ The Cloud

    The most awarded, most recognized, and most highly appreciated protection for your AWS EC2 instances is also available in AWS MarketPlace, helping to make your cloud migration smooth, straightforward and safe. What can be better than the best security for the cloud, available from the cloud?


Premium Support

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky Lab security installation.

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The Threats

A single infected cloud instance can have a dramatic negative impact on your entire cloud migration strategy. Shared security responsibility re-enforces the need for appropriate security capabilities to be applied to your AWS cloud workloads.

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    Misalignment between IT and security strategies is particularly damaging in cloud environments, where business sustainability will be impacted.

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    An “anti-malware only” approach doesn’t work in the cloud: more protection layers and security controls are needed to accelerate your cloud journey.

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    Serious data breaches in clouds usually result from implementing security solutions that lack transparency.

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    Lack of API integration results in less efficient security provisioning, but cloud workloads need to be protected whether or not you can see them.


Together with our technology alliances, we ensure seamless and uncompromised digital transformation and secure cloud adoption.

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