Hybrid Cloud Security

Borderless security engineered for your hybrid cloud environment

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Providing an adaptive security landscape empowered by true machine learning to protect your entire hybrid cloud from the most sophisticated threats. Infrastructure and security layers integrate and interoperate, combining strengths to create a safe and efficient environment, allowing for the borderless migration of workloads between private and public clouds. The result is continuous, flexible, transparent and manageable security, so you can go as hybrid as business needs dictate.

What We Offer

Our Cloud Security Solution delivers outstanding multi-layered protection to hybrid cloud environments.

Wherever you process and store critical business data - in a private or public cloud, or both - we deliver a perfectly balanced combination of agile, continuous security and superior efficiency, protecting your data against the most advanced current and future threats without compromising your systems performance.

  • Proven Security for Private Clouds

    Proven Security for Private Clouds

    Proven security for Private Clouds covering all leading virtualization platforms and enterprise-level storage systems

  • Advanced Protection for Public Clouds

    Advanced Protection for Public Clouds

    Advanced protection for Public Clouds Including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Infrastructures

  • Borderless Manageability Flexibility and Visibility

    Borderless Manageability Flexibility and Visibility

    Borderless Manageability Flexibility and Visibility available via one unified configuration and orchestration console

Case Studies

Riverside Healthcare

Solution: Endpoint Security, Cloud Security

Riverside Healthcare needed to be assured that it would be on top of security threats...

Fubon Bank

Solution: Cloud Security

Fubon Bank strives to serve the whole country from its base in Shanghai. It requires...


Chemist Warehouse

Solution: Endpoint Security, Cloud Security

Chemist Warehouse is Australia’s largest pharmacy group. It was looking for an IT...

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In Use

Dynamic & Intelligent Security For Your Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid environments are highly dynamic - your security must rapidly adapt to your changing operational landscape as it evolves and scales. Our Cloud Security solution delivers this elasticity – providing perfectly balanced, award-winning cyber-security, empowered by HuMachine® intelligence - a seamless blend of Threat Intelligence big data, robotic Machine Learning capabilities and the ingenuity and experience of Human Experts, securing your systems while retaining their optimum performance.

Hybrid Security That Knows No Boundaries

In an ever-expanding hybrid cloud environment, cybersecurity should be a continuous process, leveraging a holistic approach to deliver unified security capabilities, borderless manageability and full transparency - for physical or virtual workloads, and in both private and in public clouds, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our Cloud Security solution fully embraces the agility and scope of complex, dynamic hybrid environments, without compromising on protection or on systems performance.

Adaptive Security Framework

Prediction and Prevention work to stop an incident before it evolves into an accident. Detection and Response define the discovery and remediation of an accident. In this paradigm, each subsequent stage requires greater resource consumption to react than does the preceding stage.

Too often, security receives the budget it’s perceived to deserve, not the budget it actually needs. Security must be highly prioritized and significantly invested in to ensure successful deployment and a strong RTO.

Premium Support and Professional Services

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky Lab security installation.

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  • Citrix Ready and Citrix Leadership Partner for several consecutive years

  • Nutanix Ready Certified solution for enterprise clouds

  • VMware Networking and Security Partner with Agentless security that interoperates with NSX

  • V-COMPARATIVES identifies Kaspersky Security for Storage as the most balanced security solution


The Risk

Cyber-attacks on your hybrid cloud may seriously impact business operations and lead to data and even reputation losses. In a constantly evolving threat landscape, your public cloud environment requires security capabilities as efficient as does your private cloud. Fail in this, and your organizations's most valuable assets - its data and people - become highly vulnerable:

  • Growing Infrastructure complexity can mean decreased transparency

  • Inefficiently designed security leads to inefficient systems processes

  • True reliable security comes only through multi-layered integration

  • Malware and ransomware both attack virtual as well as physical endpoints

  • Traditional heavyweight security eats into precious systems resources

  • Poor cybersecurity leads to non-compliances

  • Disparate controls and tools present administrative challenges

  • Reactive protection is no substitute for proactive, adaptive security

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