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Kaspersky Penetration Testing

Practical demonstration of potential attack vectors that could bypass your security controls


This service provides you with information on the existing vulnerabilities, consequences of their exploitation, evaluates the effectiveness of implemented security measures, and enables you to plan further actions to fix detected flaws and improve security. You may also need a penetration testing service if your organization needs to comply with certain security standards that require regular security assessments, such as PCI DSS.

External penetration testing

A security assessment carried out from outside the company's environment without any preliminary knowledge of your systems

Internal penetration testing

A security assessment that simulates an internal attacker, for instance a visitor with only physical access to your office, or a contractor with limited access to certain systems

Social engineering testing

An assessment of your staff’s security awareness that emulates social engineering attacks like phishing, pseudo-malicious links in emails, suspicious attachments, etc.

Wireless networks security assessment

Our experts will visit your site and analyze Wi-Fi security controls

Case Studies

Eхplore examples of Kaspersky Lab security solutions at work in the field

Abu Dhabi Racing

For businesses like Abu Dhabi Racing and for the Government of the UAE, the drive for economic growth and development of a technology-enabled, knowledge-based society comes hand-in-hand with the need for sophisticated IT security systems and risk management provisions.

The Use

  • Practical demonstration of real attack scenarios

    • Understand the weakest spots of the network and focus on the security processes improvement
    • Avoid financial, operational and reputational loss by proactively detecting and fixing vulnerabilities
    • Comply with government, industry and internal corporate standards, including GDPR
  • Strict adherence to international laws and best practices

    • The confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems is our top priority
    • All risky checks are negotiated prior service execution
    • Confidential data is encrypted
  • Recommendations from professionals in practical security

    • Only highly skilled specialists participate in projects
    • Deep background checks and probation period for all personnel
    • Adhering to the four-eyes principle for extra transparency
    • Quality assurance on all stages

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