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Kaspersky for Security Operations Center

Proven intelligence. Guided defense.


To fight modern global cyberthreats, it's not enough to just build a Security Operations Center (SOC) in the conventional sense – you need a SOC that is equipped with the technologies, security intelligence and knowledge that empower it to adapt to ongoing challenges in a changing threat environment. With over two decades of constant threat research, leading protection technologies, recognized expertise and proven experience in complex cybersecurity projects, Kaspersky powers your SOC at every level for greater efficiency in fighting increasingly sophisticated threats.

Advanced Defense Technologies

Technologies based on leading security intelligence and advanced machine learning to help your security team discover, identify and successfully deal with complex attacks

Global Threat Intelligence

Immediately actionable information providing invaluable insights and context, available in a range of formats and delivery methods


Real-time detection of both new and existing cybercriminal, cyber-espionage and state-sponsored campaigns targeting your critical information systems

Cybersecurity Training

Security training programs designed to help grow your organization's in-house expertise in advanced cybersecurity topics

Malware Analysis and Digital Forensics

Access high-level expertise to understand the behavior and functionality of specific malware samples, reveal a complete picture of an incident and effectively apply lessons learned


Knowledgeable specialists, armed with extensive practical experience of fighting cyberthreats, are at your service to quickly identify, isolate and block any malicious activity

Security Assessment

Expert-level security analysis and cutting-edge research working together to test information systems, regardless of complexity, in real-world environments

Penetration Testing and Red Teaming

Threat intelligence-driven practical demonstration of possible attack scenarios to assess cuurrent incident preparedeness and existing defensive capabilties

The Use

  • Automate superior threat detection and response

    Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack for network traffic analysis and Kaspersky EDR provide fully automated incident management workflow, from threat detection to investigation and response. Our new Kaspersky Threat Attribution Engine provides insights into the origin of malware and its possible authors, helping to see the high-risk threat among less serious incidents and take timely protective measures. These technologies enable your SOC to perform daily tasks more effectively and efficiently.

  • Inform every aspect of your Security Operations

    With the expanding attack surface and the growing sophistication of threats, just reacting to an incident isn’t enough. Increasingly complex environments provide attackers with a multitude of ways to execute their attacks. To protect themselves, businesses need to constantly adapt. Proactive threat intelligence provides the capabilities needed to detect, prioritize, investigate and respond to threats targeting your organization:
    Alert triage, analysis and initial response
    Incident investigation, response and threat hunting
    Informing strategic decisions

  • Hunt down threats curcumventing your security

    The Kaspersky Managed Protection service offers Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack platform users a fully managed service, deploying a unique range of advanced technical measures to detect and prevent targeted attacks on your organization. The service includes round-the-clock monitoring by Kaspersky experts and continuous analysis of cyberthreat data, ensuring the real-time detection of both known and new cyberespionage and cybercriminal campaigns targeting your information systems.

  • Equip your team with the most up-to-date knowledge

    An effective SOC must provide a resource pool of knowledge and expertise to properly analyze a vast amount of data and identify where further investigation is required. Staffing your SOC with team members with the right competencies ‘out of the box’ isn’t always easy... The Kaspersky Security Training Program helps equip your in-house security team with all the knowledge necessary to deal with a constantly evolving threat landscape.

  • Get your systems and business operations back on track faster

    When a security incident occurs, time is critical. Your in-house team must be able to respond quickly and with precision, but doing so at short notice can be challenging, even for a well-established SOC. There may be situations where a SOC team lacks the required knowledge (e.g. in complex state-sponsored threats or APTs) – in these cases, collaborating with a third-party may be necessary. The full weight of Kaspersky’s global expertise can help to resolve your security incident.

  • Close security gaps before they can be exploited

    How can you be sure that your IT infrastructure and specific applications are protected against cyberattack? No two IT infrastructures are the same, and the most powerful cyberthreats are tailored to exploit the specific vulnerabilities of the individual organization. Regular penetration testing and red teaming engagements, together with regular security assessments of your infrastructure, provide a clear understanding of your defensive capabilities and identify weak spots that need addressing.

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