Kaspersky Web Filtering SDK

Kaspersky Web Filter is a technology which enables third-party solutions and services to protect users from phishing, malicious web sites, and inappropriate content.
Thanks to the support of different integration modes, Kaspersky Web Filter can be used in any kind of solution, including desktop/mobile applications, network-filtering software, and gateways.

Product Purpose

Kaspersky Web Filter will enable the partner’s solution to classify websites among dozens of pre-defined categories, allowing to:

  • Protect the users and network by blocking phishing and malicious web-sites
  • Control web usage and save corporate traffic
  • Increase employees productivity: reduce the time spent on non-work-related activity by restricting access to nonproductive web-sites, such as social networks and online games
  • Enforce parental control for children by blocking inappropriate content

Additional Advantages

  • 24x7x365 cloud-based updating of URL categories both by automated routines and human Kaspersky Lab analysts
  • Regular automatic False Positives tests
  • Feedback from tens of millions of KSN end-users: KSN processes billions of web-site transactions every day around the world
  • Dedicated technical and business account managers
  • Qualified 24x7 technical support

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