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How can you ensure that your IT infrastructure or specific applications are secured against potential cyberattack? No two IT infrastructures are the same, and the most powerful cyberthreats are tailor-made to exploit the specific vulnerabilities of the individual organization. Regular security assessment provides clear understanding of your security posture and ensures compliance with industry best practices.

Penetration Testing

Threat Intelligence-driven adversary simulation demonstrating potential attack vectors and providing an overview of your security posture from an attacker standpoint.

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Application Security Assessment

A thorough hunt for business logic flaws and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any kind, from large cloud-based solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

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Payment Systems Security Assessment

Comprehensive analysis of hardware and software components of various payment systems to reveal potential fraud scenarios and vulnerabilities that can result in financial transactions manipulation.

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ICS Security Assessment

Case-specific threat modelling and the vulnerability assessment of Industrial Control Systems and their components, providing an insight into the existing attack surface and the corresponding business impact of potential attacks.

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Transportation Systems Security Assessment

Specialized research focused on identifying security problems related to mission-critical components of modern transportation infrastructure from Automotive to Aerospace

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Smart Technologies and IoT Security Assessment

Detailed evaluation of modern highly-interconnected devices and their backend infrastructure, revealing vulnerabilities on firmware, network, and application layers.

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Red Teaming

Threat Intelligence-driven adversary simulation helping to evaluate the effectiveness of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response procedures

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Case Studies

World Chess Federation

In February 2017 FIDE, World Chess and Kaspersky Lab jointly announced a cybersecurity partnership, initially embracing the two-year World Chess Championship cycle in 2017-18.

Abu Dhabi Racing

For businesses like Abu Dhabi Racing and for the Government of the UAE, the drive for economic growth and development of a technology-enabled, knowledge-based society comes hand-in-hand with the need for sophisticated IT security systems and risk management provisions.

In Use

  • Close security gaps before their exploitation

    Ensuring that your IT infrastructure is secured against potential cyberattack is an ongoing challenge for any organization. Our adversary simulation security assessment engagements provide you with a greater understanding of security flaws in your infrastructure, revealing vulnerabilities and the potential consequences of different attacks, evaluating the effectiveness of your current security measures and suggesting appropriate remediation actions and improvements.

  • Remediate vulnerabilities in your applications

    Whether you develop corporate applications internally, or purchase them from third parties, you’ll know that a single coding error can become a vulnerability, exposing your systems to attacks resulting in considerable financial or reputational damage. Following our recommendations, vulnerabilities revealed in applications can be fixed, and such attacks prevented.

  • Improve the security of industry-specific infrastructures

    Complex integrated information systems, composed of various hardware and software components produced by different vendors – sometimes with little thought for security – are always at increased risk of cyberattack. Threats affecting different specialized IT environments - financial, industrial, transportation, IoT, etc. – also vary widely. Kaspersky Lab is one of the very few experts geared up to providing a detailed security assessment of your infrastructure, in all its complexity.

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