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  • The Wages of Hacking: How Much Cybercrime Pays

    Hackers are getting rich off Internet security risks. With a bag of tricks that includes Web robots, backdoor Trojans, mobile malware, and spam attacks, they're looting bank accounts, hijacking operating systems, and stealing priceless personal data. For a relatively modest investment in the tools of their trade, these cunning cybercriminals can rack up tens of thousands of dollars in profits.

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    Identity Theft: How To Secure Your Personal Data

    >While public awareness of identity theft is on the rise, many people have yet to take action to reduce their risk. We’ve laid out the hard facts about this growing menace along with some simple steps you can take right now to keep your personal data out of harm’s way.

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    Android devices are under attack

    Android devices are under attack

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    Vulnerable Software

    Vulnerable software – don’t give criminals access to your systems

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    Stealing Financial Data

    Online banking security – how to protect your money

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    Safe Money

    Kaspersky's Safe Money: Secure Your Online Transactions

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    Learn about ‘botnets’… the robot networks of crime

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  • Infographic: Webcam Spying: An Eye on Online Anxieties

    Do you have a funny feeling that you’re being watched? If so, you’re in the same boat as a lot of other Internet users. A substantial proportion of respondents to a Kaspersky survey on consumer security risks admitted they worry about surveillance from webcams malware. And that’s not their only concern. With criminals constantly plotting new ways to access sensitive data, computer and mobile device users are facing a growing array of increasingly cunning cyberthreats.

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  • Infographic: Financial Cyber Threat Map of Online Banking

    In a time where E-money is on the rise and many of us are doing are banking and shopping online, risks become more commonplace. This infographic shows a map of financial transactions and the types of cyber threats that internet users can expect to encounter. When 95% of internet users shop online, we are bound to hit some roughs seas. Let this infographic on online financial threats help navigate you through the internet security risks and prepare you and your family.

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    Infographic: Dangers Online: 10 Dangerous Things Kids Find Online

    From racking up charges on your credit card to downloading illegal software and viewing X-rated videos, kids’ online activities can include some pretty scary stuff. With access to anonymous proxy servers, kids can even secretly log on to sites that are blocked by basic Web filtering technology.

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