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Windows 10: promised security improvements

Most of the security announcements surrounding Windows 10 business-oriented, as they address the primary IT security problems businesses have to face. Judging by those announcements, Microsofts seems to address the issues properly.

BYOD practice: developed, still immature

It looks like the development of BYOD in the commercial sector has outrun the recognition of the risks it poses. It’s worth mentioning, however, that similar risks are posed by any new “invasive species” of tech, and there is nothing unseen with BYOD.

Understanding Samsung Knox

Samsung, maker of handsets and all devices tech-related, has created a secure Android environment called Knox, which aims to resolve the laundry list of security problems facing IT teams as

Management and control

MDM systems are often not necessary right away for companies with a small number of mobile workers, whose managers often believe their IT-department can handle it effortlessly. But a reality